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Importation of Pets
There is no quarantine period for dogs, cats and ferrets originating from EU countries and approved non-EU countries as long as they meet specific criteria of health and documentation before entering Malta.  For pets travelling from non-EU countries which are not on the approved countries list; quarantine periods may apply.  The quarantine kennels in Malta are excellent.

Please contact us directly for more specific information.

The Island is fast becoming a sought after Yachting centre and Marinas offer the usual facilities including water, electricity and telephone. The annual berthing fees range from approximately EUR1,790 up to 8 linear meters.


Health Care
Health care facilities are up to international standards and treatment is available in modern hospitals and polyclinics, as well as private doctors’ clinics. Pharmaceutical drugs are freely available. As a result of reciprocal health agreements, British and some E.C. Nationals are only subject to nominal charges.

The supply is 240 volts, single phase 50 cycle. Square fitting standard three pin British plugs and sockets are used.

Driving Licenses
International driving licenses are endorsed free by local police. Driving is on the left.

The official languages are Maltese and English and 90% of the population speaks both.

Malta is Roman Catholic but the Constitution guarantees freedom of worship. Anglican Church of Scotland, Baptist and other Protestant Churches, a Synagogue and a Mosque are also available.

Malta is part of the Euro zone.